Only A Crazy BBC Sherlock Fan Can Ace This Tough Quiz

Detectives are welcome!

Only A Crazy BBC Sherlock Fan Can Ace This Tough Quiz

BBC's Sherlock is probably the most significant depiction of modern-day Sherlock Holmes. Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Martin Freeman as Dr John Watson is the best combination we can even think of. Every episode of the television series has its twist, and once you start watching it, you cannot leave it because of the connections that we see in the show.

If you are a Sherlock fan, then you must have a profound knowledge about the series, and you will quickly ace this quiz. So, take the quiz and also tag your friends and Sherlock's fans.

In which one of these episodes did Sherlock kiss Molly Hooper?


Who portrays Jim Moriarty in the television series?

Co-creator Mark Gatiss plays which character on the show?

Who introduces Dr. John Watson to Sherlock?

Who tries to seduce Sherlock in the episode, "A Scandal in Belgravia?"

What is the name of season four's first episode?

In which episode did John and Mary marry?

What hits John when Sherlock was about to jump from the building in 'The Reichenbach Fall?'

At which station is the dead body of Andrew 'Westy' West found?