We Did A Survey On People's Opinion About Trump In America And Look What We Got

Is it a shame or fame for Americans? 

We Did A Survey On People's Opinion About Trump In America And Look What We Got

"If everyone I know voted for Hillary Clinton, then how come Donald Trump came out as the winner of the presidential election?" This remains a doubt in almost every mind. Cracking a political joke around this also brings in a fear of upsetting a Trump supporter emerging from nowhere (don't worry, you can still fearlessly crack a Trump joke if you're in Washington or the Upper West side of Manhattan).

All of this confusion, good and bad reporting, so-called 'fake news' has left some people hanging in between the two opinions, while there are some who researched thoroughly on their parts and have built their perception of Trump. 

It's been almost a year now of our addiction with Trump, and we at WittyFeed curiously wanted to know what does America think about President Trump? So we decided to do a Facebook survey on Trump's importance, and the results were epic!

Have a look!

Our question to Americans was simple, what's their opinion about the current American President?


And we've got some dead-honest replies in the comments. These responses are unedited, unscripted, and unbiased.

Jon Bowman, who lives in Lakewood, Colorado says that:


In reply to which Kyle Link responded with facts and figures.  

Birgit C. Burkard's global comment attracted a lot of Trump's supporters to reply.

While there are some who believe Obama era was an embarrassment. 

There were also some who say Americans are Trumpanzees.

This comment from Bill Waddle is laughable, but at the same time, it also opens a door for us to put ourself on a reality check.

People all the way from the Manchester, UK also put their views in front. 

Self-employed Andy Milligan shares that he didn't have much to do with this survey, but as someone from outside of the USA, he believes that Trump deserves appreciation because upto an extent, within a year, he has done what he promised.

Bailey Strause's comment on Facebook read:

But we wonder, how many people among you still believe the theory that Russia interfered in the presidential elections of 2016?

And Ryan Essenburg thinks that electing Trump as a President was a mess that people invited. 

Has President Trump united people only for disliking him?

Maybe not, because as we could see; there are people who have now accepted Trump presidency for the reason that he has fulfilled some of the promises (partially, if you know what I mean) he made during his campaigns.

And those who've proudly voted for him are not that hard to find.

Another comment on the post read, "Hope to return America to being competitive and respected by foreign countries, replace Obama care, stabilize immigration, update the tax structure, and take-out N.KR dictator." 

Alex, who lives in Bristol, UK took some time out of his life and created this.

Joel Lopez, a Facebook user commented that "He [Trump] means shame and embarrassment to most of us."

Now how true is that? 

In the survey, there was another broad category of people who compared Trump blatantly and said that he is still better than what they have in their countries.

Let's have a quick look at some exciting replies among hundreds of comments.

Is Trump a walking piece of %#$*? 

Or is he a much-needed Superman who disguises himself?

Is he a hero who would build the wall someday?

Or someone who would "Make America Great Again?"

See this scorecard, and decide for yourself.

You can also share your views in the posts above, and the most-liked comments will get a chance to be featured here.

That's all, folks!