How Well Do You Know James Cameron's Titanic?

I know you've watched it.

How Well Do You Know James Cameron's Titanic?

Titanic is probably one of the greatest movies ever made in Hollywood. Since the release, the film has been ruling the hearts of fans. But, there are many things in the movie which many of us don't remember after so many years. So, we decided to make a quiz to check whether you are a true fan of Titanic.

In this quiz, we've gathered some of the most interesting questions related to the movie which many of us might have forgotten about the film. So, take the quiz and share your score with your friends.

In which year did Titanic sink?


Where does Rose look for Jack at the time of sinking?

Which one of these songs did Jack and Rose sing to each other?

Who sang Titanic's theme song, "My Heart Will Go On"?

Why didn't the ship's engineers put enough lifeboats on the Titanic, according to Mr Andrews?

What is the name of the necklace Caledon Hockley buys Rose?

How did Jack win the ticket for Titanic?

At the end of the movie, which object did Jack and Rose try, but failed, to share in the ice cold water? A life jacket A dresser A door A life boat

Does Fabrizio also fall in love on Titanic?