Embarrassing Clothing Fails That Are Enough to Make You Feel Awkward

When a designer mind meets a naughty mind.

Embarrassing Clothing Fails That Are Enough to Make You Feel Awkward

Failures are bound to happen and what better than some hilarious ones at that. Although the designers must have failed at their jobs, they have surely questioned the cliche and exposed us to some out-of-the-box, unusual kinds of clothing. We felt the 'cringe', utter laughter and shock after looking at these.

See for yourself and wonder what must be the thought-process behind these 'masterpieces'! Sarcasm intended, in full force. Definitely, there must be immense struggle involved while finishing the pieces. Either they may be too tired, too 'not-in-the-mood', too drunk or too forced to work. From funny bras to unusually ripped jeans to hilariously suggestive prints on the clothes to extra comfortable features, the designs here are 'one-of-their-kinds'.

Go ahead and snag the fails. 

Ridiculous or extra caring?! 

Ridiculous innerwear

I have never seen anything like this before. Have you?


When ripped knees are top cliché, why not go for a rip somewhere else, ehhh?

Rugged jeans

  Gosh! That is dodging stereotypes.

Monstrously rubbish imagination and even worse execution! 

Minions innerwear

What must the designer have figured about the 'innocent' minions! Ogling and biting...

Did the designer think of keeping those cuts for the extra bulging tyres or what?

Blue jeans

Too thoughtful, ain't it?

Neither to be worn on the waist, nor on the top.

Mickey Pull-over

Wondering what the designer must be thinking...

Gosh! Is it funny? P***ies everywhere? 


That's more offending than funny!

Nasty eyes or a peek-a-boo? 

Funny T-shirt

That's hilarious AF. Any buyers for this one?

Can these shoes make me swim? 

Funny shoes

There's something that's definitely fishy there.

Boots against mosquitoes? 

Net boots

An utter fail! 

Once lost on the rug, I doubt if I will ever be able to discover these shoes back.

Carpet shoes

A challenge that will be.

For comfort should seep to every finger of the feet, no corner should be in pain. 


So thoughtful!

This may be drunk designing? If I am not wrong...

Extra long pants

I may be right, too. 

When it's hot AF in there, so why not attach a fan to the shirt itself!

Fan in shirt

Necessity is the mother of all inventions, eh?

When you want space for your nails too in the gloves...

Scary gloves

The result is as scary.

WHAT IS THIS? A denim, a cardigan or just a mess?!


That's all, folks. Do share with others to give them a hearty laughter.