Can You Score 10/10 In This 2000s Movies Quiz?

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Can You Score 10/10 In This 2000s Movies Quiz?

Every decade some great movies are released, and we fall in love with them. Many films were released during 2000-2010 and even till this day, we watch them with great interest. Since Hollywood keeps on creating memorable movies every now and then, we thought of creating a quiz from the last decade. 

All the questions in this quiz will be based on the best movies that were released during the time. So, expect the quiz to be a little tough because there should be some thrill in the challenge. 

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Who is the main antagonist of the second part of Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy?


Who is the lead actor of the movie, There Will Be Blood?

In which movie did Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger kiss?

In which movie did Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet appear together?

What was the budget of James Cameron's movie, Avatar?

Which star-pair among these are featured in the movie, Mulholland Dr?

For which 2003 movie did Charlize Theron win the Academy Award for Best Actress?

Which superhero movie won the first Academy Award in acting category?

What is the name of the movie that was based on Facebook's CEO?

Who directed the movie, Zodiac?