Only A Diehard Linkin Park Fan Can Score 8+ In This Quiz

Are you the one?

Only A Diehard Linkin Park Fan Can Score 8+ In This Quiz

Linkin Park is without a doubt one of the biggest nu metal bands the world has ever seen. They have entertained the audience with their fantastic flow since the release of their first album, Xero in 1997. But today, the future of the band is in doubt as the lead singer of the band Chester Bennington committed suicide on 20th July 2017. The world was shocked as nobody expected something like this. Many reasons like the death of Chris Cornell and depression of Chester were thought to be the cause of his death, but only God and Chester know what exactly was the reason behind the suicide.

Since the band has entertained for nearly two decades, we thought of creating a quiz as a tribute to the whole band and especially Chester. So take the quiz and prove that you are diehard Linkin Park fan.

What album was released in May 2017?


In which year was Linkin Park formed?

How many live albums did the band release?

Which one of these is not the song of the band?

In which year the Hybrid Theory was released?

What is the name of the rapper in the band?

When did Chester Bennington join the band?

How many Grammys did the band win?

Which song's video was released on the day when Chester died?

How many studio albums did the band release?