15 Illustrations Showing The Boldness, Darkness & Fire In Millennial Women

For she believes in the fighter in her.

15 Illustrations Showing The Boldness, Darkness & Fire In Millennial Women

Ayn Rand, the author of the best-seller, Fountainhead, has rightly captured the essence of the young age woman with this,

"The question isn't who is going to let me – it's who is going to stop me?"

In this 21st Century when women are considered to be synonymous to fighters of independence, illustrations by artist Cecily Furlong portray this, in a boldly artistic way. From manifesting the woman as being her own master to standing up for herself, to giving vent to the fire inside her to wearing her heart on her sleeve and being proud of it, without any regrets or fear, Cecily has done full justice to the art she has brought forth.

The 'so-called weaker section of the society' has been brought out in an unintimidated, uncompromising way. There is fire and darkness in these illustrations. 

Have a look at the artwork to be taken aback with the relevance of her work.

When she is simply 'smitten' in self-love.



She sinks to feel the intense passion.

Courtesy- Cecily Furlong

Tethered and bound in the relation.


When she is with the man she loves.

Th caption reads, "..self-destruction is such a pretty little thing".


I deflect here, it is surely not 'little'. It costs YOU!

A bold one at that. 


"Nazi Punks Fuck Off", the fifth single by the Dead Kennedys. 

The caption by the artist perfectly captures the essence *female equivalent of rolling up your sleeves*.


For the fire in her belly has climbed up to her wits, too!

When she tries to get a vision for herself.


But has to have different eyes, one par for the world and another for her own calling. But, both are questioning the status quo.

The millenial girl, shattering the stereotypes.


She can be a devil, too! Cecily has put forth aptly, "..set out runnin', but I take my time; a friend of the Devil is a friend of mine.."

For she does not want to let out any evil.


Say good, listen better. For 'as you sow, so shall you reap'.

When awakening the third eye is her motto.


She prays and she hustles to make that happen. Trying all the possibilities.

For she wants to fly high, but is too bruised.


Not only physically!

When she loves to dwell in her company...


Enjoyment with the self, the embrace has healing powers.

Heart-eyes, taken too literally!


And depicted in a raw manner.

She finds solace in letting the fire out.


And she creates smokes of change with that fire.

When her guts are wrenched with the long hands of the patriarchal society.


But she still maneouvres to make her point.

She has a 'storm in her head'.


That too, a turbulent one.

These illustrations aptly identify with the women of the 21st Century, complimenting them for their bold avatars. 

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