Things One Should Never Say To LGBT People But Accidentally Ends Up Saying

Are you making the same mistakes?

Things One Should Never Say To LGBT People But Accidentally Ends Up Saying

My friend, who is more close to me than any of his friend shares that he navigates the complicated grey area that his identity occupies on sexuality, even despite all the gains which LGBT community has made.

I'm sure most of us still make the same mistake. Though we never notice or consider it as one, a lot of us still call LGBT people like gay, bisexual, and lesbian or trans; according to their orientation. Why do we do so? Imagine, how would you feel if someone called you by offensive names?

My friend told me that people unintentionally annoy him by asking questions like, "Are you full-fledged gay, or you change it sometimes?" I mean, really? Unfortunately, I feel pity for those narrow minds who question LGBT people's motivation and lifestyle and oppress them in a way as if these LGBT people belong to some other planet.

My friend also says that being in an intimate relationship with a person of the same-sex doesn't make you gay or lesbian, just like being in the relationship with the individual of the opposite sex would not make you straight. Feelings which you get from inside is what matters the most.

The society needs to learn how to behave equally with everyone, and for that reason, we have created a list of things which you should never (intentionally/unintentionally) say to LGBT folks.

Have a look!

"Are you gay? Even I have a gay friend."

The real old and ugly views we share must be rechecked like there's one you read right above. Often, in an attempt to make LGBT people comfortable, we end up asking such silly, offensive questions.


"Ohh, lesbian? I enjoy watching lesbian porn."

What if they told you, "Hey I'm straight, I love watching your porn." Exactly, you wouldn't like it; then why people have to overshare everything with them?

"I thought she was a woman like me."

Right, she is a woman just like others, and judgments won't affect her.

"Hey, look; he is a gay. I met a gay for the first time in my life."

Is it that exciting to some people? Why can't they behave normally? Like you've found a healthy man, not some extinct species. Move on.

"Does this dress look Gayish on me?"

First of all, people need to understand that clothes have no gender. They need to get their knowledge proofread by someone.

"Hey you're gay, let me click a picture. I'll show it to my friends."

Being from LGBT community doesn't make them unique or a piece of fun. They're normal, so please let them live normally.

"New hairdo? Well, it looks so gay."

Ahh, that's simply too rude to be heard. If this comes out in front of a gay person, they may not like it for all the right reasons.

"It's your hobby or you look like a bitch because you're lesbian?"

I have seen people asking the same question to my friend who is gay, and it's a vice-versa for lesbians.

"She used to have it with guys, has she changed her sex?"

People these days are struggling with serious problems, and that's to mind their business.

"Does this dress look too gay?"

So, you mean a gay person should look enough like a gay for people to be recognised. Why don't you simply get them tattooed? Will it solve your purpose?

"Dude, she left me and turned lesbo."

Move on dude, move on. You probably went wrong thinking that way.

"Real men don't get such hairstyle, he is gay."

Excuse me folks, what do you mean by such hairstyle, now what if I say he's straight?

"Fine for me if a girl is 'bi,' after all, I'll get a chance for threesome."

Is that a thing to say about LGBT people. That's not only rude but an insult to their community and choices.

"Hey cock-sucker."

Just because you know this word, doesn't mean you'll have to use it everywhere."

In the end, based on my learning, understanding a brief conversation with a bisexual friend, I'd just say that; LGBT is not any different. They're part of our society. Embrace and love them.

That's all, folks!