This Lesbian Couple Gave Birth To Kids, Thanks To This Gay Couple

That's one happy family.

This Lesbian Couple Gave Birth To Kids, Thanks To This Gay Couple

Life is beautiful, isn't it? It's full of events which make one happy and look up to the skies, to thank god for blessing everyone. Perhaps God's biggest blessing could be the birth of a child. Childbirth is one of the remarkable - milestone moments in life because of the sheer implications it carries. Being a parent means added responsibility, added pressure and no pressure comes near than the one which involves having a human being's entire dreams, beliefs, perceptions in your hand. But that responsibility is worth being a part of. 

Recently, a lesbian couple did take the responsibility of having two babies. But the amazing thing is the donors of each of the baby are husbands. Yes, a lesbian couple has a gay couple as their donor. Want to know more about them? Scroll down. 

Mariely Martinez and Carla Melendez


Mariel Martinez and Carla Melendez have both given birth, and they are loving it. The donors of the lesbian couple are the gay couple in the form of Juny Roman and Alex Torres. 

Mariely and Carla Melendez

These photos were taken by Tuke Photography, which is located in Central FL, United States. Clearly, the photographer did an extraordinary job. 

They avoided sperm bank

According to Pink News, when Mariely and Carla decided to have babies, they didn't want to use the sperm bank. Instead, they talked about it to their friend Torres.

Knew Torres from 10 years

The couple had known Torres for ten years, and it only made sense to have him as a donor and dad. 

Initially, both of them wanted Torres

Initially, both Mariely and Carla wanted Torres to be the dad. It wasn't until they met his husband Roman, they decided that Roman would be a father too.

"Mariely knew she wanted him to be a dad"

Carla told ABC News that "Mariely knew she wanted him to be a dad. She loved his personality, everything about him,". We are loving the fact that she's having a happy family. Here are some of the shots of the two little adorable babies.

Meet Marla

On August 22, Carla Melendez gave birth to a  little girl, Marla, who is Torres' daughter. Look at that amazing smile.

Meet Matteo

On July 23, Mariely gave birth to a son named Matteo who was fathered by Roman. He already matches quite a few features of his dad. 

Sweet little princess

The little princess, the decor, the little bed. It's all so adorable. 

Two fluffy balls

The two babies look so adorable in this picture; we would love to see how they look when they are 1-2 months old.

Look at them sleeping

This photo just melts our heart away. Not only that, the mothers and fathers did decide to get a photoshoot done before pregnancy. We found these photos from the Tuke Photography blog, and these are as wonderful as it can get.

A happy family

A happy family

It goes without saying that the four of them would be in touch with each other and although Melendez and Martinez would be taking custody, they are a part of one small happy family.

Such an amazing scenery

Such an amazing scenery

The backdrop of the beach, the sea and the rocks makes it such an amazing photo.



Their love will stretch to infinity and beyond, serious relationship goals

So so wonderful

So so wonderful

Some of the pictures leave you speechless, this is one of them. 


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