The Girl From 'Distracted BF Meme' Is Now Being Seen In A 'Cheating BF' Shoot

We're so sad for her! (JK)

The Girl From 'Distracted BF Meme' Is Now Being Seen In A 'Cheating BF' Shoot

When a certain picture or video starts getting trolled over the internet, it almost immediately gains international fame over the web and social media. You'd find it everywhere! From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram and someone might just forward it to you over your WhatsApp too! Well, that's the power of social media and internet, once anything goes up there, it's never coming back down. 

So, what about all those people who become parts of famous meme pictures? Their lives change overnight, and the success that comes is usually in the form of mocking and trolling. And however old something gets, people never forget it. Once you've been out there in the public eye, there's no coming back, dear friend. 

So, why am I telling you all this?

Let's just dive in without wasting any more time! 

Distracted BF meme 

Distracted BF meme 

So all of you must have come across this meme over last few days all over all the social media platforms you use. It's various edited versions, photoshopped versions and the list goes on! People do not forget the faces they once saw over the internet, and they will dig you down from anywhere!


The girl from 'Distracted Bf Meme' was seen yet again..

..and even people over the net identified her and what followed was utterly hilarious and worth reading.


Check out this Twitter thread and you'd be thrilled

So this man identified the girl and tweeted about it, and people went crazy after it!

Hilarious shit.

Well, she seriously did not expect that! 


When trolls go insane! 

Well, that's how it is. 

Because, it has to be viral! 

Internet fame is the new cool.

And being cool is so in! 

Love the twist. 

And here we go!


Poor woman! 

That's a good point. 

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