54 Photographs That Define The Course Of Time Over The Last Century

These are all priceless.

54 Photographs That Define The Course Of Time Over The Last Century

History has the power to transform our perspective towards life and other decisions as a human. When you take time out and look back at what the world was like, years before you were even born, it'll stun you. It'll stun you so much so that maybe you'd want to go back into time and live the jovial parts while you cringe and just pray that all the preposterous things that your ancestors faced do not ever repeat.

These photos that you'll see today take you through a bundle of emotions from sadness to happiness to cringing and ultimately making you realise that you might think that this moment isn't the right time, but trust me, it is. It always is. 

Count your blessings and read on!

The first ever photo of president, John Quincy Adams, (1843).


A photograph of Lincoln assassination conspirator, Lewis Powell, a week before he was hanged, (1865).

Queen Marie of Romania, (late 1890).

One of the first underwater photographs ever taken, which required a full 30-minute exposure, (1893).

A Parisian Cabaret Artist, (1900).

A portrait of a Cree Indian, Saskatchewan, (1903).

Kidnapped children, totalling forty-one, being held in foster homes, recovered from ship in open seas, (1904).

The Lion Tamer of the Russian Circus, Captain Jack Bonavita, poses with his pride of lions, (1905).

A colourized picture of Washington D.C. Theta Pi sorority girls, (1910).

A young Adolf Hitler seen in the crowd, celebrating the announcement of World War I, (1914).

Winnipeg the Bear, the inspiration for "Winnie the Pooh", seen here with Lt. Harry Colebourne, (1914).

Mahatma Gandhi on 10 Downing Street, after his meeting with British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald, (1931).

The one-wheel motorcycle with a maximum speed of 93 mph, invented in 1931.

Dora Ratjen, a German Olympic athlete, who was arrested at a train station on suspicion of being a man in a dress, (1938).

An incredibly rare and original color photograph of a B-17 bombardier heading towards Germany, (1940's).

Filming Casablanca, (1942).

Muslim members of the Waffen-SS 13th division, during world war II, stop to pray, (1942).

A German soldier offers bread to an orphaned Russian boy, (1942).

Russian soldiers on the steps of the Reich Chancellery, looking at German medals that would never be awarded, (1945).

A young Queen Elizabeth in her sitting room at Buckingham Palace, (1946).

George and Barbara Bush with their first born child George W. Bush, (1947).

A man begging for his wife's forgiveness inside Divorce Court. Chicago, (1948).

Customers line up outside the first McDonald's hamburger stand which was opened by brothers Dick and Maurice McDonald in San Bernadino, California, (1948).

A 15-year-old high school student, Rue Lawrence, poses for the camera in class at New Trier High School, Chicago, (1950).

"The Neck Brush", designed specifically to clean children's necks while they play, (1950).

Animals being used as part of medical treatment, (1956).

Marilyn Monroe arrives in London and greets Queen Elizabeth II, (1956).

Rescued after being trapped for five days underground, a survivor of the Springhill Mining disaster is reunited with his family, Nova Scotia, Canada, (1958)

Fidel Castro playing baseball in Havana, (1959).

A young David Attenborough introduces his son Robert to a coati-mundi, brought home from the combined London Zoo, (the 1960's).

Jackie Kennedy watches her husband debate Richard Nixon, (1960).

Harassment during a civil rights sit-in at the Cherrydale Drug Fair in Arlington, (1960).

Otto Frank, Anne Frank's father and the only surviving family member, revisits the attic, (1960).

Muhammad Ali knocks out Sonny Liston, 2 minutes and 8 seconds into their classic World Heavyweight Title rematch in Lewiston, Maine, (1965).

Women use compact mirrors to catch a glimpse of the Queen in London, (1966).

Race official Jock Semple tries to push Kathy Switzer off the road after she attempts to run the Boston Marathon, which at the time was only for males. Number 390 pushing Jock away was Kathy's boyfriend, (1967).

A powerful image which shows a utility worker receiving "The Kiss of Life", a mouth-to-mouth after being electrocuted. He survived, (1967).

The remains of the Soviet cosmonaut, Vladimir Komarov, after his space capsule crashed after re-entry due to a parachute failure, (1967).

"We Won't Fight Another Rich Man's War!!!" - Vietnam Veterans Against the War, circa 1970.

Prostitutes in Can Tho, Vietnam, (1970).

Jim Morrison's arrest mugshot on charges of exposing himself during a concert in Miami, (1970).

A subway train in New York, (1970's).

Bob Marley and Jackson Five just hanging around, (1975).

Bob Marley on the beach with Miss World 1976 Cindy Breakspeare, mother of Damien Marley.

A young Robin Williams, (1977).

Barack Obama posing with his buddies that called themselves the "Choom Gang", Hawaii, (1979). Choom was slang for smoking marijuana!

Terry Fox runs in his blood-stained shorts, during his Marathon of Hope run across Canada, (1980). He ran a marathon a day for 143 days until he died.

World Trade Center towers, as seen from "lovers' lane", New Jersey, (1983).

Sean Penn furiously swings at paparazzi, (1986).

Michael Jackson and Mr. T get candid for the camera.

Michael Jordan breaks down remembering his dad, after winning his fourth ring on Father's Day.

"This CD-ROM can hold more information than all the paper that's here below me"- Bill Gates, (1994).

"Need a light, Coco?" Salvador Dali offers a smoke to Coco Chanel.

Dave Grohl and Kurt Cobain share a smirk whilst a flustered RuPaul tries to calm down a screaming Frances Bean.

That's all readers!