13 Words That Game Of Thrones Taught This World

Do you know the meaning of Khaleesi?  

13 Words That Game Of Thrones Taught This World

Game of Thrones Season 7 has hit the screen three times, and we're all banging our heads on what would happen next! 

The world is watching this show for its epic mix of fantasy, history and drama that it brings with it. The scandalous bloodshed has kept the audience hooked. One thing is sure, be it newbie, nerd or a geek, all of them are excited about the series, as they have updated themselves regarding the plots and twists in advance.  

While more episodes are yet to come, we want you to answer one question honestly, though you may have spent hours getting all the clues and hints by binge watching one after another episode of 'GoT'.    

The question is whether you've understood the magical world and non-fictional language of the show? Maybe not. 

We know that the biggest pride for any fan is to know everything about his favourite show. That's why WittyFeed along with Matinee, UK, have brought you these words that Game of Thrones taught us.   

Have a look!          


Game of Thrones vocabulory

Maesters are the people who've explored the field of medicine, finance, magic or science. Every noble family in Westeros has a Maesters who give them counsel and teach Lord's children.



Game of Thrones vocabulory

These are the people who consider themselves free and live beyond the wall. They descended from the first men, speak the common tongue as their accent matches with Northerners. 


Game of Thrones vocabulory

Dragonglass is also known as Obsidian. It is used to make weapons in the form of volcanic glass. Dragonglass and Valyrian steel are the only two things that can kill deadly 'White Walkers'. 


Game of Thrones vocabulory

A Warg is someone who can enter the minds of animal, control their actions and see the world like them. 

Dire Wolf.

Game of Thrones vocabulory

It's a species of wolves which is larger, intelligent, stronger and loyal to their owners. There are several reports on the internet which claim that these dire wolves did exist almost 1.8 million years ago.  


Game of Thrones vocabulory

It's magical ability to see into the past and future events when you're in a dream. It has been exhibited by Three-eyed Raven, Jojen Reed, and Bran Stark. 


Game of Thrones vocabulory

It's an old tree worshipped by the followers of old God. What's interesting to notice here is that Greensighters can also see through past and present, looking through the eyes of carved face on Weirwood. 


Game of Thrones vocabulory

It's a non-fictional language created by David J Peterson for the Game of Thrones series. It has a vocabulary of more than 4,000 words.  


Game of Thrones vocabulory

It's an extremely flammable green liquid which is so volatile that it can even explode from sunlight and burn on water. It is so hot that only sand can stop it, or it'll run its course.  

Valar Morghulis 

Game of Thrones vocabulory

In high Valyrian language, this word translates to 'all men must die.' It loosely means that everyone will die, sooner or later. It's mostly used by assassins who're known as faceless men.


Game of Thrones vocabulory

It's a word which is used to honour the knights. Though it has been used mainly in GoT, it is said that the word has some relation to medieval Latin language as well.


Game of Thrones vocabulory

Well, it's that one name which has been on everyone's tongue since Season 1 of Game of Thrones was shown. The name Khaleesi means Queen or the wife of the Khal. Whereas, the word Khal means the King. 


Game of Thrones vocabulory

Greyscale is a dreaded and usually fatal disease that can leave flesh stiff and dead, and the skin cracked and flaked, and stone-like to the touch. It leads to lack of sanity, followed by death if not cured on time.

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