Only A Die Hard Michael Jackson Fan Can Pass This Quiz

Are you the one?

Only A Die Hard Michael Jackson Fan Can Pass This Quiz

"The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work."

Michael Jackson entertained the world for almost five decades with his incredible talent. Michael made an impression on the world with his incredible and astonishing dance moves and groundbreaking music. He holds the record of the largest selling album in the music industry. When he died in 2009, the whole world was shocked, and fans all over the world cried their heart out for the 'King of Pop'.

Michael Jackson is also remembered as the greatest artist ever. He created numerous records and won many accolades for his art. His songs created an unimaginable bond with his fans, and they simply lived for listening one word from their favourite. 

There are many fans of Michael Jackson, but only some of them are hardcore. If you think you are one of them, then this quiz is for you. Take the quiz and challenge other fans of Michael to pass it. Enjoy! :)