Funniest Tennis Moments Involving Maria, Novak, Ana & Someone You Can Never Guess

Wimbledon's moment tops the crazy chart!

Funniest Tennis Moments Involving Maria, Novak, Ana & Someone You Can Never Guess

The Swiss Maestro, Roger Federer and the bomb, Garbine Muguruza bagged this year's Wimbledon title and are probably celebrating the Wimbledon 2017 Champions' Dinner at present. But what about the fans who kept their butt stuck to the couches and their eyeballs working like a ping-pong ball throughout the 2-week grand slam showcase?

Well, the thing with Sports is that it hardly fails to impress even the dullest of the crowd. While folks do not take more than a minute to switch to criticism when their "favourites" fail to perform, the players do every bit to keep the audience entertained. That's the speciality and power of Sports. Something that can bring the world together and something that can serve your palate for live-wire entertainment almost anytime you want.

So for the ones who did not like the Wimbledon Winners' list and for my buddies who need some better dose of Lawn Tennis before the US Open kicks off later in August, I have some of the funniest tennis moments involving all your favourite stars doing awkward & crazy stuff just to make your pass-time a laugh-time.

Here you go...

Ace #14: It's the "Djoker" for you!


This 12-time Grand Slam winner and a hot topic among ladies (even after having married his sweetheart, Jelena Ristic) is a show-stopper when it comes to entertaining. From imitating the playing style of Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova and his Serbian partner Ana Ivanovic to sharing his comic skills with the ball boys/girls, this guy is a Champion for all and Novak's funny moments just prove it.

Ace #13: Victoria 'dancing' Azarenka

Yeah, that's the name I've given to her for all those pro-dancing skills that she has shown on the court over the years of her presence. She not just dances alone but also makes sure that her opponents join in. People remember when she made the Chinese queen Li Na dance, and nobody was able to hold that laughter from coming out.

Ace #12: Sabine 'Thunderstorm' Lisicki

During a 2011 match against Former Wimbledon Champion, Marion Bartoli, German Sabine Lisicki found herself in a rare uncomfortable position when a thunderstruck around the centre court. Her reaction to that booming sound gave the audience a good laugh and us a great Wimbledon memory.

Ace #11: The 'Streaker' Event

Ace #11: The 'Streaker' Event

Look at the players, all amused, all surprised, all God-knows what!
This incident took place during the 1996 men's final when a Wimbledon pizza stand worker Melissa Johnson chose to bare it all and run naked in front of the All England crowd. No surprise that the finalists played it with distracted eyes.
Just Kidding! **Chuckles**

Ace #10: Maria 'Leggy' Sharapova

You'll agree that her shapely legs helped her while she did her bit to amuse the audience with amazing dancing skills. She is everything that a fan wants in a sports star and that's why we say, even if she is not on-court, her glittery career has given us enough to watch.

Ace #9: Petra 'No Quit' Kvitova

The winner of two Wimbledon Grand Slams, Petra is everything but a boring player. She has a great court presence, and her powerful lower groundstrokes are something that keeps her opponents guessing. However, once in a while she too chooses to go light on the things, and that's just showed during her match with Maria.

Ace #8: Serena 'Gangnam' Williams

So as we already got a hint of it, Novak leaves no stone unturned when it's about pushing his Tennis mates' crazy limits. As in this video, he made sure that Serena dances on the very popular Psy track doing that signature step and making everyone go bonkers.

Ace #7: Kim Clijsters' 'Heckler' Response

Lesser did Chris Quinn know that his shouts when Kim Clijsters was playing her doubles match would provide him with a lifetime opportunity of holding a racket and returning to one of Kim's blasting serves.
His growl forced Kim to show her funnier side to the audience when she decided to take it very lightly and have Mr Quinn wear her skirt (so as to keep up with Wimbledon's all-white rule).

Meanwhile, Roger Federer lifts his 19th Career Grand Slam.  

Meanwhile, Roger Federer lifts his 19th Career Grand Slam.  

So what? Do you think King Roger is any serious? Consider watching the next video!

Ace #6: Roger 'Wimbledon' Federer

Now the man whose concentration is never deterred is also on this list. This happens for the soul reason of him being an all-around entertainer and he makes sure that he interacts or bids respect to his audience every now and then.
Here he does it in style, with humor!

Ace #5: Lawn Tennis 'Dance' Brigade

Seems like Tennis and dance have a long history and it just reflects from the stupendous video above. "Am I right or Am I totally right?" ;)
Now, wait for our 'someone you can never guess star' as was mentioned in the title...

Ace #4: Rafael 'Clay' Nadal

This man here is famous for being at his furious best when he takes a dig on his opponents. But every now and then, you and the camera can catch him giving those funny yet weird giggles that just catch out wits each time he does that.

And here is our new Queen, the Spaniard Garbine Muguruza!

And here is our new Queen, the Spaniard Garbine Muguruza!

So yes, she too is featured on the list, in the next video.

Ace #3: The WTA lady gang

For an exhibition match for kids, the WTA ladies came out, and what a day it must have been turned out for the fans. Out of their busy schedules, they always take some time out whenever the organisers ask them. So dear audience, get this imprinted in your minds that they are always there for you and hence you too have to be there for them.

Ace #2: Nick 'Bad Boy' Kyrgios

Yeah, may be bad to the game's spirit at times but certainly not at all bad when it comes to the delight he is to the crowd that seeks fun.

Ace #1 Gael 'Acrobat' Monfils

This guy here deserves to be at #1 (even when the article was not based on any ranking) for his extraterrestrial athleticism and the charm that he carries with his name. He is a treat to watch and we all love & admire him like anything.

It's Wawrinka's hawk-eye to you!

It's Wawrinka's hawk-eye to you!

So the message that we wanted to spread through this story was that no matter what, when these players who have the busiest of the schedules can entertain us the way they do, who are we to leave their side when they fair badly? Happens with you, me, everyone, right?
So, just laugh it out and do not ever play a bad fan to your idols.
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