Disney Can't Find Aladdin And Jasmine But Twitter Somehow Knows The Complete Star Cast

Suggestions are totally correct!

Disney Can't Find Aladdin And Jasmine But Twitter Somehow Knows The Complete Star Cast

It looks like Disney is going through a hard time in searching the star cast of Aladdin. Yes, guys, Aladdin, the story of an urchin who falls in love with Princess Jasmine. The animated version of the movie which was released in 1992 was a great hit, and till this day many people enjoy that film. But now, Disney is looking to make a live-action remake of the film, and they are facing problems in finding the lead actors for the characters of Aladdin and Jasmine.

The search started in March when the studio and director of the movie, Guy Ritchie launched a global casting call for the parts of Aladdin and Jasmine. But it looks the search is not getting easy.

Twitterati jumped in to help Disney and Guy Ritchie, and their suggestions are fitting. So take a look at them.

Aladdin has already faced many rejections.

Aladdin has already faced many rejections.

According to Hollywood Reporter, more than 2000 actors and actresses have read the script of Aladdin and passed the role.


But, why everyone is rejecting the role?

Disney and the director of the movie, Guy Ritchie, wants a male who is in his 20s and who can sing and dance. They also want the actor to be from a Middle-East country.

The Twitterati thought of helping the director and the studio and came up with some really valuable suggestions.

So, let see the first suggestion for Aladdin.

Many stars and Twitter users thought that the Canadian actor, Avan Jogia, is the best to play the role of Aladdin. He looks perfect, but some others in the list are also great. 

Please don't kill me!

What do you think about him? PS- Imagine him without a beard.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting in front of you, Jasmine.

She thinks she is perfect for the role and I am confused.

Let us be serious now.

Twitter then suggested the name of Quantico star, Priyanka Chopra for Jasmine and Lion star, Dev Patel, for Aladdin. But guys, Dev had already read the script and passed it on


This YouTube star created his slogan and is asking Disney to fulfil his wish.

Bollywood actor, Hrithik Roshan, is ready with Aladdin's outfit.

Hrithik Roshan can dance like anything but there is the only problem, he is not in his 20s.

Twitter had suggestions even for the rest of the star cast.

Jafar, is that you?

The 'Walking Tall' actor, Khleo Thomas, suggested his name to play the main antagonist, Jafar, in the movie and he has some similarities.

How about Oded Fehr for Jafar?

This user suggested the name of Oded Fehr who played Ardeth Bay in 'The Mummy' series.

Preparation for getting the role has already started.

YouTubers Yousef Erakat and Jesse Wellens have started to practice for the role of Aladdin.

Enough of Aladdin, who will be Jasmine?

Well, according to Twitterati, singer Jade Thirlwall is topping the list with most number of fans' suggestions.

Here comes the common man, a common Disney fan.

I think this suggestion is perfect. 

YouTube stars want the role badly.

Another YouTube star, Alycia Tyre who is ready with her getup of Princess Jasmine.

It looks like only Genie can help them.

It looks like only Genie can help them.

The shooting of the movie is set to start in August and if thinks don't work according to plan, Disney and Guy Ritchie will have to use all three wishes.

That's all, folks!


Do you have any suggestion for the star cast?