Are You A 'Shauchalaya' Or A 'Non-Shauchalaya' Person?

Pee shivers, anyone? Run, then!

Are You A 'Shauchalaya' Or A 'Non-Shauchalaya' Person?

Nature's call is something that is unavoidable, and that is something, that shouldn't be avoided either! 

But let me tell you, the relief that one experiences after a good session at the loo, is unmatchable! The jitters, the shivers all gone, all for a 'pee-gasm'! Huh, nothing like it! But, many of us enjoy, but now miss the pleasure of peeing out of a 'shauchalaya'. Thanks to the 'Swachh Bharat' Campaign. Better for a cleaner India, but annoyingly binding for the love of open defecation! 

With this, here is a set of questions for you to figure out if your love for open defecation is still lurking in your heart! D'you still miss that free flow? D'you miss that sound when it landed on barren land, instead of those sophisticated tiles? *Tongue-in-cheek*

Caution: You may be declared a 'Non-Shauchalaya" person for your unending love for peeing in the open! Surely, you may be fun-loving, adjusting and an explorer, to wear that love on your sleeves! Go ahead, and choose!