8 Things Millionaires Can Do That We Only Can Dream Of

Money matters!

8 Things Millionaires Can Do That We Only Can Dream Of

To the philosophical, wealth is a very subjective quantity. It does not have to necessarily mean financial wealth. However, we all know what wealth truly stands for, the fiber of your fabric; the world's smallest violin and how long you play it. Wordplay aside, statisticians and social behavior study experts, as well as social media experts, have come together to put forth facts that demarcate how different an affluent person's life can be from an average, middle-class or working-class person's.

No, we are not talking about what the rich and affluent can do for the betterment of all, but what catches the fancy is what the rest cannot afford. It can be anything in this country from getting away with road-rage and evading taxes. But let us not talk about the dicey ones today. Here are eight things that 'Millionaires' can do but the 'Average Middle Class' cannot!

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1. Live dual-lives.

1.	Live dual-lives.

No, not to avoid taxes or a suspecting wife, but many millionaires have in the past, given up, albeit temporarily, more often than not, their wealth, to live among the working class and the middle class to get the latter's perspective on life. An average person, on the other hand, cannot experience a life of bliss just for fun or a change from the mundane, unless of course, he/she has an exclusive invitation or has been bestowed with unexpected wealth.


2. Privileged access to public spaces.

2.	Privileged access to public spaces.

All energy flows according to the whim of the great magnet, money! There have been rising talks of incidents across various cities, where public spaces meant for social gatherings, cultural nights or jazz nights, usually wound up not admitting the plebeians!

3. Exclusive online dating.

3.	Exclusive online dating.

If you thought the right swipes on your Tinder account was anything, you haven't seen anything. Tinder Select and Luxy are some of the applications that allow users to join on an "invite only" basis or as the latter narrows it down, only if you are rich AND good-looking.

They filter your possible matches by the amount of wealth you would like to see in your date's wallet.

4. Donate without any hiccups.

4.	Donate without any hiccups.

The middle class has the choice of donating a few changes for alms and old clothes. The working class has very little to give, but they do share when they can. The upper class though have the choice of financing an entire family. A bucket of water off their colossal pools won't affect their swimming experience.

There are people who are philanthropic enough to do just that with their millions of dollars! But unfortunately, some inspire others that poverty is a choice and disease, go figure!

5. Impulse buys.

5.	Impulse buys.

If the phrase 'budget' is in your vocabulary, then surely it is a six-pack of beer on discount and the ramen that comes with the free butter. For the millionaires, impulse buys mean yachts, fancy sedans, spanking new fashion accessories.

Heck, if they are visionary, even a beachfront property to party on weekends! When was the last time you even treated yourself to a 7-course meal even out of impulse?

6. Have their exclusive marketplace.

6.	Have their exclusive marketplace.

Amazon may have high priced items, but those are commoner's items. There are things that millionaires can do that the average middle class cannot on the internet. Like charter a personal jet sitting in the comfort of their Jacuzzi while you book a budget economy-class seat to travel across the country for an unpaid business trip!

There are even websites like JamesEdition who sell imported watches and designer edition cars, which would go into cool millions.

7. Start ridiculous ventures.

7.	Start ridiculous ventures.

It has been a long-standing trend among movie stars and fashion designers to start their line of perfume. But to master the trade, you need the know-how. Millionaires with little to zero knowledge have been known to start their perfume line or accessory line, and sometimes even though the product is uninspiring, simply because of the name on the bottle, it will sell!

However, an average income chemist sitting with the right concoction of chemicals and aromas in a vial won't have any start-up funding without the right network!

8. Shopping trips across the world.

8.	Shopping trips across the world.

While the middle class finds it amusing to shop in high-end malls and branded showrooms once in a while, the wealthy class settles for nothing less than the hot shopping destinations, along with business class tickets to commute.