Couple Celebrates 65 Years Of Togetherness In The Cutest Possible Way

This is nuptial bliss!

Couple Celebrates 65 Years Of Togetherness In The Cutest Possible Way

In a world that we live today, relationships are almost on the verge of losing their true essence. How often our partners change, how less do we value people and lives, and how often relationships break. In the world so fragile, it is rare and really special when one comes across a couple that has been together for last 65 years. It's hard for my brain to even contemplate the thought of two people being so loyal, committed, and in love with each other that they spent over six decades together, given all that I've seen in my short 22-year-old life. 

Megan Vaughan, a portrait and wedding photographer based in Lynchburg, Virginia, recently captured some of the most enthralling pictures of one such couple who celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary and in her own words, "This is the most beautiful thing I've ever captured."

Scroll down to know about them. 

Meet Ruby and Harold.

Couple's 65th wedding anniversary

Look at the calmness on their face.


They recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. 

Couple's 65th wedding anniversary

They are just five years short of celebrating a platinum jubilee.

Megan captured the pictures of their lovely celebration. 

Couple's 65th wedding anniversary

Wow, such freshness after all these years.

She was the one who also captured the pictures of their 60th wedding anniversary celebration as well. 

Couple's 65th wedding anniversary

She is obviously in love with the couple.

Megan was extremely thrilled to have been able to capture this duo!

Couple's 65th wedding anniversary

May be because they are photogenic too. 

She says, "This is the most beautiful thing I've ever captured."

Couple's 65th wedding anniversary

And why not!

It's surreal how two people spent over six decades loving each other and by each other's side through thick and thin. 

Couple's 65th wedding anniversary

For millennials, even six months get tough.

Don't we all look forward to having someone who would love us in a way these two loved each other?

Couple's 65th wedding anniversary

We sure do.

Those smiling faces express it all. Love. Affection. Care. Connection. Happiness.

Couple's 65th wedding anniversary

Serendipity struck them, as they might think today, when they found each other 65 years back. 

If they aren't soul-mates, how do you define this absolutely inspiring relationship?

Couple's 65th wedding anniversary

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