13 Priceless Father-Son Moments That Every Child Craves For   

Tough yet lovable relationship. 

13 Priceless Father-Son Moments That Every Child Craves For   

If there is anyone in this whole world who would take care of you silently, it is your Dad. A father-son relationship can be a complex one. Fathers and sons with widely different interests can sometimes find hard to relate to one another. Sometimes their ego comes in between as both want a better father-son relationship. But neither of the two knows how to go about it. It is in the hardest and toughest time of life. But this is a never-ending bond between the two that unites them as they overcome their difference. This strengthens the relationship even more.

The present generation of young fathers seems to have adopted a friendlier approach. They remember the equation which they shared with their fathers and are making an effort not to repeat the same faults. 

Talking about younger dads, Instagram account called 'dontforgetdads' shares some beautiful stories and irresistible moments of a father-son relationship. 

Check out some priceless moments of fathers and sons that are having a great time indeed.

Daddy's touch is the best feeling...



The Instagram account "Don't Forget Dads" believes that mothers get enough attention and that it's time to shed light on some of the amazing things that dads do for their kids. They share incredible stories and images all the time, and we've cherry-picked some of the best pictures that will make you say, "Awwwww", before all is said and done.     

One last kiss


This beautiful moment was captured when a father was reporting for his military duty. His newborn son just had to have one last kiss from Dad, and when his mom couldn't lift him high enough, a friend stepped in to help. We know that this father will be loved and missed while he's gone, and we hope and pray he gets home safely!  



A dad like that will go to the ends of the earth for his kids and put their needs above his own. He'll help them when they're down and continue to carry them through tough times. 

The hardest part of everyday


This father shared some heartfelt emotions with Don't Forget Dads, saying that the hardest thing he had to do every day was leaving his little man when he went to work. Being a full-time parent doesn't necessarily mean being home all the time, but it does mean that your kid comes first, and that's clearly the case in this situation! This father would like nothing more than to be home with his boy.  

Who says real Men don't cry?


Whoever says that a real man doesn't cry is dead wrong! Is there anything more beautiful than the moment your baby is born? This father broke into tears with joy when he saw his child for the first time in his wife's arms. Moments like this are magic, and we're fortunate it was caught on camera so we can share it with you.

 Everyone needs a nap


Parenting is hard work! If the kids are napping, why can't the parent take a little power nap as well. Clearly, this father had a long day raising his two sons, but it was a day that he treasured! Sometimes the best things in life take all the energy out of you and leave you feeling drained. Bt it is fulfilling at the same time. 

A Man of many talents


We're sure all the women out there are in awe of this man that not only cares for his three kids but also takes care of their food. There are so many responsibilities that go into parenting, and this picture perfectly illustrates what an average day looks like when you have kids.   

This surreal moment when everything changes


Everything changes when a life is born. #Dontforgetdads summarizes this amazing phase as everything. This is truly a moment when birth photography proves its worth.  

A very important lesson to teach your child


Your personality and thinking are made up of times you spend in the childhood and this forms the basis of your future behaviour. It is very important for a father to spend quality time with his son and teach him those little lessons of life that make him a better man.      

 A voice of an ideal husband and a father 


In this present era where everyone is judgmental, a husband proudly supported his wife to breastfeed in public. He acknowledged her as a superhero and attempted to drive home the point that how breastfeeding in public is not a weird act. It is a natural process that every woman goes through and there is nothing wrong about it. 

A man of endless love and warmth 


He is not only a father but also a big support system for his partner. Such an adorable moment of how a man effortlessly holds his woman during labour pain. 

Doing everything together!

Instagram pics of dad-son ties

There is a reason that little girls love their dads and hold a special place in their hearts for them forever. On the other hand, little boys grow up wanting to be like their dads! This isn't to say moms aren't great, but we're talking specifically about dads today. 

Quality time with your sweetheart


So, what do these photographs indicate? 

"We found that fathers who are involved with their children have children with fewer problems," says Maureen Black, PhD, a researcher and professor of paediatrics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore U.S.A.  

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Are they not adorable pictures?