7 Secrets That Make Katy Perry The Most Followed Celebrity On Twitter

Awesome success.  

7 Secrets That Make Katy Perry The Most Followed Celebrity On Twitter

The journey of American singer and songwriter Katy Perry, like every other celebrity, started with failure. A series of failures, to be precise. 

She shot to limelight six years ago with her controversial single, "I Kissed a Girl," where she expressed her desire to explore sexuality. Before this, she faced series of failures.  

Today, she is known for her pop hits including "Teenage Dream," "Firework," "Roar" and "Chained to the Rhythm." 

In the initial days of her singing career, after her three crucial deals fell apart, she signed with Capitol, a recording company, in 2007. Later that year, she released her first single, "Ur So Gay." 

Her career did not take off fully until the release of her next single, "I Kissed a Girl". After that, Perry went on to become one of the best-selling artistes of all time with hit albums including Teenage Dream (2010) and Prism (2013). 

She was born on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California, and brought up in a conservative family where her parents were pastors. They did not allow her to listen to any rock or popular music.  

"The only thing I was allowed to listen to were the Sister Act 1 and 2 soundtracks," Perry told Entertainment Weekly.    

Her childhood years.

Katy Perry 100 M Twitter followers

Perry started taking singing lessons at the age of 9 and learned to play guitar when she was 13. Soon, she began rebelling against her strict upbringing by piercing her own nose. Later, she became interested in pursuing a career in music. Her first amateur album was released in 2001. 

"It reached maybe 100 people, and then the label went bankrupt," Perry explained to Entertainment Weekly. 


Katy Perry's inspiration and persona.

Katy Perry 100 M Twitter followers

As a teenager, Perry was exposed to diverse musical influences. One of her friends introduced her to the music of Queen, which remains one of her favourites so far. "I'm very inspired by Freddie Mercury and how flamboyant and theatrical he was. Also, I strove to be my own person, choosing not to limit myself to one social group. I was a hop-around. I hung out with the rockabilly crew, the guys who were trying to be rappers, the funny kids," she told Seventeen magazine.

What is the secret of her success?

Katy Perry 100 M Twitter followers

"I don't want to be above my audience; I want to be one with my audience," she said to Sparkol and that's what brings the 'essential connect' with her audience.

Now the question is, what makes Katy Perry amazingly successful, in the real world, apart from her talent. 

1) She speaks audience's language - Katy Perry is a lot of fun and very silly. Read her Twitter, look at her Instagram – remember that she is a hugely successful, 30-year old multi-millionaire.

2) She shows her human side - Her ex-husband Russell Brand posted an average photo of Perry online, the one where she looked slightly less beautiful than usual? Katy did not even react to that.

3) She creates the 'us' - Katy Perry has a loyal legion of 'KatyCats'. They react to her every update.  

And what's so special about her tweets?

Katy Perry 100 M Twitter followers

And what makes her the Queen of Twitter?

1. She's easy on the eyes - Sure, Twitter isn't Instagram, but occasionally Perry posts photos on Twitter, like the one of her and her brother on the way to the Grammy. Proves she's family oriented.

2. She's just like you and me - Despite the fact that Perry is incredibly hot, incredibly famous and incredibly talented, she's not all that different than common folk - at least if you judge her by her tweets.

3. Her friends are as good as her - Just the other day, Perry sent a tweet to thank her pal, Madonna.

4. She has a sense of humour - Some might be offended by her ridiculous photo-shopped pictures, Perry is not. In fact, when the Twitter account Pharrell's Hat tweeted a pic of Perry and Taylor Swift "wearing" style hats on the Grammy red carpet, Perry re-tweeted it to her followers.

100 million followers, whoa!!!

Katy Perry just keeps soaring in popularity. On Friday, the singer and pop culture sensation became the first person to reach 100 million followers on Twitter, making her the most-followed person on the platform, Twitter reports. The social media platform made a special video montage, congratulating her on this massive feat. Katy's average tweets boils down to 1,000 tweets a year!!!

The second most-followed Twitter account belongs to Justin Bieber, who currently has 96.7 million followers. Next in line are Barack Obama (90.8 million), Taylor Swift (85.1 million) and Rihanna (74.1 million).

Her Thank You note. 

She did not forget to thank Twitter. This shows her 'being grateful' side. 

And what did Twitter reply? 

According to Twitter, she's fireworks!!!


1. Katy makes sure that she congratulates her contemporaries! 

Perry congratulates Niall Horan after his band One Direction reaches No 1 on the U.S. iTunes chart.

2. She is a Belieber.

After attending a Bieber concert in Los Angeles with friends, including kids, Perry posted a Twitpic photo of the group sporting replicas of the singer's signature purple hoodie, writing, "WE ARE BELIEBERS!"

3. The world should know about the kiss.

Perry had kissed Horan at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, where they took home three awards. He posted a pic of the smooch on Twitter.

4. She keeps talking to her contemporaries.

Perry praises Demi Lovato for her new single, "Skyscraper". 

5. Her opinion on the spat.

Katy Perry 100 M Twitter followers

Perry appears to put Swift on blast amid Nicki Minaj spat.

6. The mourning.

Perry mourns Cory Monteith.

7. Speaking a foreign language.

Perry speaks Portuguese.

8. Old is gold. 

Perry's pre-Super Bowl throwback photo.

9. Funny Tweet!

10. The sensitive side. 

Perry urges fans to #PrayForParis after the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015.

Katy Perry, the humanist. 

Katy Perry 100 M Twitter followers

In a tribute to the May 22 Manchester Attack victims, Katy Perry along with Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, Robbie Williams, Pharrell Williams etc made it to the 'Manchester One Love' concert meant to give a message that humanity is not scared of terrorism. Great going, Katy. 


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