Syrian Artist Portrays The World Leaders As Refugees To Spread A Powerful Message

Pictures say it all...

Syrian Artist Portrays The World Leaders As Refugees To Spread A Powerful Message

The crisis of refugees and immigration has always been a matter of controversy around the world. 

The world was never this serious about the immigration issue as it is now under the Trump administration. Syria, who is suffering from a civil war for more than six years has brought with it some of the heart-wrenching stories of people in the country.

More than 11 million inhabitants during the pre-war situation had to flee their homes, while some of them were killed even before they could find another shelter. 

Coming out of those times, a Syrian artist has portrayed the dictator of modern time, Donald Trump (some say so) alongside other ten renowned world leaders as refugees in his series of paintings which he exhibited recently in Dubai.

Meet, Abdalla Al Omari



Abdalla, who lives in Belgium under the immigrant tag has said that his displacement from his country and experience that he had in between has forced him to create these pictures. 

He has named it as The Vulnerabilities Series.

In his interview to CNN he said that:


"Being a refugee is like having a new lump in your body that you had nothing to do with, and it will stay until the last day, so you better deal with it," Abdalla Al Omari.

The first picture in the series is of the American president, Donald Trump.


In the painting, President Donald Trump is shown as the refugee carrying a child (possibly Barron Trump) on his shoulder and holding a family picture with the other hand. This painting seems to me as if Donald Trump, a refugee has lost his family in the war and is going through hard times.

Former US President, Barack Obama is also on the list.


The paintings aren't only targeted at one particular politician, but it shows all the leaders around the world. Even the most famous politician among the youth, Barack Obama.

In this picture, Abdalla Al Omari with Obama's painting.


"Initially I was driven by my experience of displacement and the anger that I felt, like any other Syrian, while the situation in Syria escalated," said Abdalla Al Omari to HP.

Kim Jong-Un of North Korea


The Vulnerabilities Series also includes the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un. It depicts him as a homeless, lost, sad refugee who hides rocket in his back.

Former British Prime Minister, David Cameron.


Abdalla fled the Syrian land in the year 2011 following the Syrian war. The conditions back then weren't as adverse as they're now. Omari has been granted an asylum in Belgium, reports Reuters.

In an interview the artist, Abdalla, says that:


"My aim somehow shifted from an expression of anger to a more vivid desire of disarming these figures, (to) picture them outside their positions of power."

The figures of refugees hailing from Syria are devastating.


As per the UN reports, in six years of civil war, more than 5 million Syrians are forced to flee their country, who've now become an immigrant.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin seeking help.


Omari says that "I found myself obliged emotionally and consciously to get involved and to deliver a message to those leaders, who are partly responsible for the displacement of a mass of Syrians."

In this picture, Angela Merker, Chancellor of Germany.


Sami Azraq, a visitor to this exhibition in Dubai shares that the pictures are amazing and interestingly depict refugee crisis.

These paintings from Abdalla have brought all the politicians to road, out of their thrones.


To which Omari answers, "People are sometimes too fond of their politicians. They cannot see them fall off their thrones. They cannot see them weak."

Though the artist has said that...


He doesn't want to disrespect the world leader rather; he has just tried to give them back their humanity.

All world leaders hungry for food standing in queue.


Abdalla Al Omari started painting in Damascus as soon as the war broke in Syria in 2011.

The pictures reveal the harsh realities of our society.


Not many of the world leaders mentioned above have slept empty stomach in their lavish offices, but millions of refugees die every day for the sake of food and lands.

The artist who was forced to go away from his land has just tried to show them the mirror.

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Do you think these posters will make an impact on the lives of these world leaders?