Polish Photographer and a Proud Mother's Faceless Series of Kids Will Soothe Your Heart

She captured an interplay of nature with children!

Polish Photographer and a Proud Mother's Faceless Series of Kids Will Soothe Your Heart

Polish photographer Iwona Podlasińska's series of photographs where she captured children in their purest form, is liked by all. 

In one of her blogs, Iwona shares that you don't need to show the faces to flaunt the beauty of the photographs. This clearly shows her confidence being a photographer. And yes, her pictures prove it right. 

Iwona proudly expresses herself on her website like this: "I'm a mother, an architect and passionate photographer from Kielce, Poland. I take photos of my two sons and my two nieces in Polish suburbia. I started taking photos of my kids in the beginning of 2014 and it has been an amazing adventure since then. I could describe my work as something between reality and dream. I love deep tones, glorious light, pay a lot attention to composition and mood in my work. I search for breathtaking childhood moments and sweet cozy scenes. I carry ma camera with me everywhere I go and take lots of photos to capture that one prefect moment."

Let's go through her some of the amazing captures.

1. Magic of light and shade. Watch the effect of sunlight falling on boy's face

A boy moves towards sunlit space

Note the child's natural pose too.


2. A beautiful photo showing child on a snowy evening. 

Boy in snow-clad surroundings

The photo captures nature's calmness too.

3. Cycling on a rainy day is a fun-filled activity.

Boy cycling on wet road

It also makes a beautiful photo frame.

4. The serenity of this picture is indescribable!

A serene picture

Sunset paints the surroundings in different hues.

5. Her son holds his toy aircraft against the dark, hovering clouds.

A boy out to play in open

The idea of fun for a child is truly the purest and most innocent one...

6. Running through the woods at sunset...

A boy in woods

It's commendable that the photographer captured some beautiful moments as children were out to have fun.

7. Some photos can be mindblowing without showing humans.

A moonlit jungle

Nature at its best. Natural settings do all the magic!

8. Walking through green pastures...

Boys out in open

It is this peaceful life which most humans crave for.

9. Watching the world through a window...

A child looks out of window

With such beautiful photos, it's no surprise that the photographer silenced her critics..

10. And we're convinced of her style as well.

Two little girls stop sideways

These were some of the best photos that depict the beauty of a photographer's creativity. If you liked it, comment and share. 

Images via iwonapodlasinska.com