Husband Reveals To Wife That He Is Leaving Her But The Wife's Response Is Savage AF

The wife definitely takes the cake on this one!   

Husband Reveals To Wife That He Is Leaving Her But The Wife's Response Is Savage AF

A marriage is a bond of love between two people who love to spend their lives together. All couples have rough days. But they patch it up in the end and it doesn't affect their overall relationship. 

But many couples part ways. 

A husband can never win an argument with wife. This is an old adage. And it proved true in a case when a husband dumped his wife for a silly reason. 

Here, we see the man revealing to his wife through a letter that he isn't happy with their married life and that now he is leaving her. But the wife didn't feel let down. She didn't act as a 'damsel in distress'. Instead, she hit back with some hard-to-digest replies. 

After reading it, the hubby must've felt the burn. 

Read on to know how the episode unfolded!   

The final letter

'Dear wife,' writes the man

Man breaks up with wife through a letter. He writes her a letter saying that he cheated on her with her sister and that he is leaving her. 


This is what he said:

Husband tell reasons for leaving wife

He lists out all the problems that he felt in their marriage and says that he left her for good. 

He further says that he has moved to West Virginia with her sister, and tells her not to trace him.

Looks like he was on a sure way out

Wife retorts

But the wife wrote back, giving some hard-to-digest explanations. It is absolutely brutal. 

This is what she writes...

Wife's hard responses

She made it very clear that she noticed the changes he talked about in his letter - but unfortunately for him - a little too well.   

That's Not All, Folks!  

That was not the end

She wasn't done paying back for all those years of torture. She saved the best for last...!  

And that's how she delivered the final, brutal stroke. 

Dumbfounding response

That last sentence steals the show! Looks like the wife had a hearty last laugh.   

That was a total BURN! 

Charred feelings

It was quite a response, wasn't it?
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(Note: This article was originally published on February 10, 2017).    

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