18 Problems Every Girl with Long Hair Goes Through 

The long and short of it.     

18 Problems Every Girl with Long Hair Goes Through 

Who doesn't love long hair? They are absolutely amazing. 

A young woman may say, "Wow, I have long hair, and I can do anything I want to do with it. I can tie a knot, yank it or keep it over my shoulder in style. Long hair gives so much flexibility of style. But, it's nothing like I never face any trouble with my long hair. I do face, and sometimes it even irritates me more than my expectation."

C-Cassandra is a Canadian artist, who makes these awesome illustrations. She has made several illustrations of girls and their lifestyle. This time, she has tried to explain the problems faced by girls with long hair, and I was completely able to relate to it.     

If you have long hair, then surely you too will find these amazing illustrations relevant. So, let's get started.    

1. The nightmare of my hair!

Problems with long hair

Comb is the worst enemy of my hair. 


2. Blegh! That's 'romantic'! 

Problems with long hair

Oh no, they even hinder while smooching! 

3. Time for a workout.  

Problems with long hair

Hair drying is like bodybuilding.  

4. They are...

Problems with long hair

Ah man, they come in between our...Oops, in between pillow. And yes, 'there'.    

5. The cold never bothered me.   

Problems with long hair

And they just blow me away in wind! If only it looked as classy as in a movie.   

6. They bug me, every time. 

Problems with long hair

They always scare me when they are in a bunch.     

7. Treasure hunt.

Problems with long hair

They trouble me while using earphones.  

8. But how?  

Problems with long hair

Ewww, they unknowingly come in my meal.   

9. Sleeping as Rapunzel, waking up as Merida. 

18 Funny Illustrations

I sleep like princess with them and wake up with full mess.   

10. The struggle is real. 

Problems with long hair

They make me cry while de-tangling. 

11. Colleges are hard. 

Problems with long hair

They come in between my backpack.   

12. Taste the wind! 

Problems with long hair

They even get stuck in car door.  

13. For once, please, be smooth!

Problems with long hair

Ouch, they are not that smooth as I assume. 

14. Struggles of straightening. 

Problems with long hair

It is very hard and exhausting.   

15. Oh, the horror!  

Problems with long hair

But, the thought of cutting hair scares me.  

16. Seriously, HOW?

Problems with long hair

Let's have noodle hair today. 

17. Furrier than Chewbacca. 

Problems with long hair

They are all around my clothes. 

18. The water levels are rising. 

Problems with long hair

They clog around the shower drain. 

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Do you relate to these illustrations?