7 Stages of Marriage: The Couples who Survive 3rd Stage are the Best

Marriage, the word appears jittery!


Phew! MARRIAGE, the moment this word lands on one's ears, there is a trigger of mixed emotions. From the happiness of having someone by your side to also having to bear that 'someone' for a lifetime, the idea of marriage is not always welcome. But it is something that one undergoes at some or the other stage in life.    

Marriage is all about togetherness, forgiveness, and perseverance. It begins with love. Then follows a journey of awakening, of discovering oneself along with a constant exploration of the partner. In the process, one is granted the right of annoying 'the one' for your entire life. 

Despite all this, marriage is considered a sacred bond that guarantees togetherness with the person who will stay with you through the thick and thin.   

With this, we get to you the seven stages of a marriage. Find out where you are.