10 WWE Superstars Who Are Stepparents In Real Life

Some really interesting names in here.

The life of a professional wrestler is really tough. They have to travel almost every day of their lives because there are at least four televised events in a week and the majority of the times they happen at different venues. Taking this much strain can have a severe impact on the personal life of any person. Sometimes this can even result in the breaking of their relationships and marriages. Well, I am not saying that it is only the business of these celebs that is leading to breakups, the reasons can be many. But the thing is that a lot many superstars have had multiple marriages in the recent past.

Now, this multiple marriage scenario brings in the concept of stepfather and stepmother into the picture. But, how? Well, many wrestlers are married to people who also had relationships in the past, just like them. Whereas, some of the stars are married to people who even had kids from it. So, here we have gathered the names of those wrestlers who are now playing the role of stepparents.