Exposed: 15 Pro Athletes Who Have An Affair With Their Teammate's Wife

That's sad, but true.

Being a professional athlete must be one amazing feeling. You get to represent your nation at the international level along with earning money and fame. While athletes travel around the world, their family enjoys all the luxuries in life which they get with help from the government and the sports body of their country. However, if you take fame and sports away from them, they're ordinary people just like us. They also enjoy watching films, going out on vacation often, and cherish beautiful relationships. It's normal for them to find someone they're attracted to, and enjoy getting intense with them. It's a simple biology at work.

Now, when it's obvious they do get involved romantically, there are some cases in which they've made some mistakes like getting involved with someone who is already married. In some cases, that married partner to which your favourite sports person links is married to none other than their teammate.

We at WittyFeed have compiled this list to expose athletes who had an affair with their teammate's partner, in some cases; slept with them.

Have a look!