Neymar's Record: Is Messi Responsible For The Biggest Transfer In Football History?

Neymar to be a stand alone star now.

Every single football fan was tensed when there were rumours that Neymar Jr. may leave F.C. Barcelona in 2016. But all those were brought to an end on October 21, 2016, when the Brazilian signed a five-year contract with the Spanish club. He even said that he feels that Barcelona is his home.

But things again changed nearly after nine months, and Neymar announced that he might be considering leaving Barcelona. Neymar will be moving to Paris Saint-Germain, but the most interesting thing in this transfer is the money involved and the reasons behind. It is obvious that being a star player, Neymar's transfer will bring a lot of money to F.C. Barcelona and he himself. It will also be the biggest transfer in football's history.
There are various eye-popping reasons behind the transfer that must be known. Is it Messi, money, fame or a close friend? Let us take a deep insight of world's biggest club transfer.