Who Has The Most Iconic Celebration Style In World Football?

The winner isn't who you expect!

Football as a sport is known for many things, the drama, the intrigue, the excitement all make a part of an explosive package that for 90 minutes ties a person to the edge of their seat. In sport, there were always a few people whose name not only managed to capture our eyes but their celebrations too. Take Cristiano Ronaldo for instance, his 'calma calma' and Superman celebrations are as iconic as the man himself or Lionel Messi's finger pointing to the sky for that regards.

So you see, there are one or two people in the sport who are known for the celebration too. Some dance around the corner flag, some take a selfie and some take off their t-shirt to reveal a vest on which the words "Why always me?" are inscribed. 

So we at WittyFeed have compiled a list of 15 such celebrations.