Heart-warming Pictures Of Animals Rescued From Hurricane Harvey

Operation Pets Alive!


Ever since the Hurricane Harvey has struck the southern, Texan coast of America in the late August, the country has been rendered devastated from all the damage in the wake of the disaster. The residents of the ground zero have been in a panic and have evacuated their homes to reach a safer place. Amazingly, more and more people are chiming in for the help of the victims bringing humanity together.

Not just the parts that were struck by the hurricane are affected, but the whole country is visibly shaken by it. The officials promptly mobilized the rescue forces to aid through evacuations. But amidst all this panic and chaos, we cannot overlook those who have been equally phased by the disaster but are barely ever done something about.

Yes, I am talking about the helpless animals that have fallen victim to the tragedy. But as expected, humanity stands by them and takes a heart-warming step towards our little companions.

(Images courtesy: Southwest Airlines)