12 Sad Signs That You Are No Longer Special For Your Love

When some things are not meant to be, they are better left.

Love is an irreplaceable feeling. It is one of the purest feelings that can make even the toughest of the hearts melt. Love has healing powers, to rejuvenate the soul. Thank goodness that there is hatred in this world, due to which love is valued so much. But, there are times when we as humans, the nomads that we are, tend to get over people and keep transferring the 'special' status in our life to different people.

The earlier one accepts this fact of the loss of the 'special' status, the easier it is to get over the impending grief. Also, to be on the receiving end of the snap of a relationship is infact more sorrowful. Here, we are trying to equip you in advance with the signs that your partner is losing interest in you. Do not be sad, but be assured that getting over it will not be as difficult.