Serena Williams Shares First Pictures Of Her Baby And Takes Us Back To Golden Days 

"We had a lot of complications." - Serena Williams.   


On September 13, Serena Williams shared a long video, which depicted her pregnancy days. She took to Instagram and shared everything with her fans and followers through a story almost two weeks after giving birth to a baby girl on September 1, 2017.   

The 35-year-old tennis star also revealed that the little girl is named as Alexis Olympia Jr. 

In the video, Serena mentioned in a numb tone that six days were spent in the hospital after giving birth to Alexis, as the child was born with some complications. 

At the end of the video, she mentioned, "Look what we got! A baby girl." The video shows the baby in her arms. The child was covered till her face as her tiny head peeked out from her blanket.   

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