Ever Wondered Why Some Spacesuits Are White And Some Are Orange In Color?

The science of colors!

From the time we all had learned about Neil Armstrong, one thing which surely crossed our minds was to walk on Moon. Though given a chance even today we would happily agree for a round trip even when there are more destinations to travel to, like Mars. To have an eternal aspiration to work for NASA, that too as an astronaut is a dream which never wears off. What happens along with that is, you forget about the knowledge you must possess to know the journey as much as the destination.

Now, you cannot get an entire space travel course here but you’ll get one fundamental fact straight today and that is about the color of the dress of an astronaut or becoming one. Let’s get started with your 'crash' course then and by the end of the story, you’ll know everything you need to know about spacesuits and about Boeing Blue also.

(Cover picture via BBC)