Russian Fisherman Is Terrifying People By Posting Gruesome Photos Of Deep-Sea Creatures



It is said that the much we have explored the universe, our oceans are yet not discovered as much. We have always known about the creatures that live in the sea. But have you ever known about the deep-sea creatures that lurk in the dark depths of the oceans - on the sea-bed where even the fraction of lights can't reach?

Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov has been criticized widely for his bizarre and horrifying photographs of deep-sea creatures which he took and posted them on the internet. But what most people fail to realize is that those are a regular sight for the fisherman.

Fedortsov works on a fish trawler in Murmansk located in the northwest of Russia. His photographs have invited a lot of Netizens that love bizarre nature. So take a look at the creatures that reside in the dark depths of the seas and are best left undisturbed!