Meet Robot Waiters/Waitresses That Can Flip Sausages And Serve You Pizzas 

Robots act like humans.  

If we talk about revolution, 18th century gave birth to the most profound technological development, that is, 'industrial revolution'. Since then, the amazing advancements in the field of science and technology continue. 

The 21st century brought momentous transformations. Robotic revolution is one of them. Robots are replacing humans even in restaurants. They are drawing the attention of hundreds of people from all over the world. Robots flipping sausages? It is already a reality.  

Though people are not aware that technology has come this far, robot replacement is taking place across the globe. This upheaval is being led by the second wave of automation, one that is centred on artificial cognition, inexpensive sensors and machine learning. This automation has taken place in China and Japan. This year, Pakistan has introduced the robot waiter in a pizza cafe.  

Check out why restaurants are taking this initiative.