10 Ridiculous Comments Sick People Ever Made About The LGBTQ Folks

Of pride and prejudice...


Ever wanted to stop and wonder how everything in life can be simplified down to things-to-do or not-to-do? The doing away with the biases and bigotry and adopting a policy of talk less, observe and listen more?

It is easy to tell people how to live because most people see an extension of themselves everywhere and are thus, more comfortable changing their environment rather than adapting to it. It is surprising because humanity’s ascent up the food chain was mostly because of the adaptability aspect. And yet, here we are judging our fellow human beings for their sexual orientation, their gender, their very own take on life.

The average person is fond of pre-sets. They like routine. Tell a man to give up his day job, find something unorthodox that he is passionate about, and he teeters in a dilemma; tell him what to do, and he bows to authority and conformity.