Cutesy Illustrations Showing the Daily Humdrums of Life After Marriage

The quirks, the habits, all illustrated here...


Marriage is an institution that has the power to infuse maturity even in the most childish of the people. The illustrations here are a reflection of the little moments that a couple deeply in love in a marriage encounters. 

The moments brought out here happen to touch a lot of emotions, ranging from pure love to irritation to care to help to daily habits to romance. The comics are by Tel-Aviv-based illustrator, cartoonist, Yehuda Adi Devir. He has brought out 'WHAT HAPPENS AFTER MARRIAGE' in these drawings, with his loving wife, Maya. His wife is the inspiration behind this super adorable work. Each other's bad habits, funny moments, those quiet intimately romantic moments, that have been shared just between the two of them have been given colors and shape.

We are completely smitten with these ohh-so-cute comics! Identify yourselves, here. 

P.S.: The new ones show the bittersweet side of this relation of marriage. 

Do share with your better half, to make him/her feel the intricacies of this bond of a marriage.