7 Bad Girl Qualities That Have All The Capacity To Drive Men Crazy

What men look for in their girl!


Do men love bad girls? Or girls' knees turn into jelly when they see a bad boy approaching them? Well, this is a two-way process. Bad boys and so bad girls are irresistible! But, to take care of one's emotions, one has to deal with them, with utmost care. There are good girls whose qualities tug at the heartstrings of the man, then there are bad girls, whom men secretly fantasise. Men want to take good girls home to their mother, while bad girls drive them crazy and fuel their libido. 

While bad girls are perceived as bad news, but there is no resisting them, thanks to their charm and the adventurous unpredictability, in the bed! As good girls, we have often felt insecure when a bad girl approaches our man; we get all those jitters and the blood boil. But, at the same time, the involuntary drive of the man towards her is justified enough, for the MAN he is! But, why not be the bad girl for your man, to fulfil all his NEEDS? 

Here we get to you seven magical qualities of 'the bad girl' that your man is going to head over heels for!

Cover Image Source- Photographer Natalia Mindru