15 Illustrations By Different Artists That Capture The Comfort Of A Love Bond

Because putting love in action is better than putting it in words...   


Yeah! See the magic here.

A relationship is full of ups and downs.  

Well, all of us have been bitten by the love bug. And the intimacy that love brings is unparalleled. It makes you feel wanted, cared for and above all, gives a sense of completeness. 

Most couples experience cute, fun, loving moments. There are moments of anger and fights too. 

While hugs are considered to have healing powers, that feeling of someone's fingers in yours show care and those sudden surprise kisses reflect the excitement. To sum it up, love is a beautiful feeling.

Here are some illustrations that have been put on the Facebook page, Moments. These images have been created by different artists whose names are not apparent. But these illustrations weave a spell of magic.

So, scroll down. And enjoy!