Girl Illustrates Everyday Life With Her Boyfriend In This Comic, And It Is Winning Hearts All Over

Can't help drooling over them...

Some people are romantic, some are practical, and some, like me, are hopeless romantics. Irrespective of how we are, each of us does like some random or simple, usual stuff in our mundane day-to-day life that we silently enjoy and cherish. A spontaneous kiss from our partner, a cuddle while watching a movie together when the world has already slumbered half way through the night, a gentle massage on the back, etc. are some acts we often indulge in and unknowingly adore but tend to take them for granted for their nothing-of-the-box or super exciting execution. But Catana enjoys these little everyday things and secretly illustrated her life with her boyfriend in an online comic series.

The boyfriend couldn’t resist but share them with the world and the internet went crazy with the sheer adorability and love the comics exuded. People can’t have enough of this endearing couple and wait for more additions to the comic series that Catana updates on a weekly basis.