10 Regular Objects That Have Changed Drastically over the Years

For change is the only constant, hence proved.


This is a generation that embraces change and accepts it with open arms. One which does not fidget trying to deal with it. There have been times when a change in technology has triggered an immense change in our life. Just like, with the advent of smartphones, we have had a change in our mindsets, too. We have started doing things more efficiently and productively. But this has a flip side too. We fail to provide equal importance to a lot of other things such as family, physical and mental health. 

Well, here are 10 everyday objects that have drastically changed over the years. From mobile phones to tampons to television sets to toilet seats, a lot of other everyday objects have evolved over time. There has been a reduction in the size of these objects, they have been laden with features and they have always been upgraded from time to time. Each object has its own unique story.

Read on to get enlightened about the eventful history.