Eight Reasons Your Partner Is Cheating On You Without Getting Intimate...

...to someone else!


It’s still a wonder as to why a lot of people would want to cheat on the ones that they love the most in this world. 

Moreover, it's a crazy phenomenon that seems to be gaining traction day by day, especially in these modern times. The act of engaging in unfaithful activities is a conscious choice that these individuals are choosing to make. However, this unfortunate choice to engage in infidelity is counter-intuitive to the choice of being in a relationship. When a person chooses to commit to another person by establishing a real romantic relationship with them, why would they deliberately choose to jeopardize that commitment by cheating on their partner? Just give a thought to this.

Why would one choose to deceive and lie, which is a blatant betrayal of trust and an utter act of disrespect? Let's get on with some signs to find out if your partner is cheating on you without getting intimate to anyone else.