20+ Reasons Why Dads Cannot Be Left Alone With Their Kids

The Force is strong with one of them

Being a dad is a pretty daunting task, isn't it? As a dad, one is supposed to be the primary bread winner, the example setting superhero like powerful human being which a kid can reach out to anytime. On top of that, there's the occasional gargantuan task of changing their diapers while attempting to keep the baby calm and quiet. Every kid's first superhero was his/her dad, and superheroes are powerful, aren't they? And what comes with great power? Yes, great responsibility.

And this is where dads are prone to have a few tricks up there sleeve where they don't necessarily find ways around it, but frugally they do manage to find other ways for conducting the same task. Some of them are so genius and hilarious at the same time that we'd like to show you X such times where dads showed their ingenious and funny side when around babies.