Ever Wondered How Many Characters Shown in Titanic Movie Were Real?

The truth about maiden and final voyage of Titanic. 

Titanic is without a doubt one of the greatest movies ever made. It has been nearly two decades now, but the cinematic effects, heartwarming love story and most importantly the sinking of the ship was depicted with perfection. But, the most significant thing which I always wanted to know was how many characters shown in the movie were actually present on RMS Titanic? Well, Director James Cameron and his crew were incredible in creating the on-screen Titanic as they used both the real characters from history and introduced some of their new fictional characters. 

Well, we have tried to gather all the necessary details of the real and created characters that were the part of the film. So, sit back and know about the characters who were real and the ones that popped into the mind of movie's scriptwriter.