Real Hulk-Man Exists And He Looks More Muscular Than The Animated Version 

He is stronger than a rock!

Many of us have grown up watching animated characters and have always wanted to meet them. Carrying the same curiosity as to how would they look in real life, we were taken to Disney land or amusement parks where there were people wearing props like those characters. They were really good at their jobs and almost made us believe that the actual Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck was standing in front of us. Although, it was never true because they never existed. 

We realised this as we grew up and had accepted the fact that the animated characters can never become a reality. But, what if, today I tell you there exists a Hulk or Hercules in the real world and is a resident of Iran. As surprising as it sounds to you, I was also astounded after reading about him. Later I had to believe because this man who has earned the name of Hulk is for real and now that you want to know all about it then how can I leave you with only that much of information? 

Read on to know all about your real-life animated person.