17 Rare Photos Of Princess Diana At Home That Not Many Had The Privilege To See

Beauty in simplicity!

Despite having bid adieu to the world two decades back, Princess Diana continues to live with us through her attractive personality and consummate grace. Besides, she always remained in the spotlight as an object of media scrutiny since her marriage to Prince Charles. Controversies ruled her marital life and did not leave her side until a fatal accident took her life away. But it goes without saying that she was the most adored member of the royal family of Britain and enjoyed a high popularity despite her troubled marriage and scandals surrounding it. The royal family and its young brood reflect the principles of this charismatic and compassionate woman who was an epitome of style and charity.

An elegant and royal figure that she was, Princess Diana ruled the world stage in her times and was allegedly defined as the “world’s most photographed woman”. You would have seen many pictures of this legendary beauty in various shades floating on the internet, but the photographs we have collated here are a rare treasure.