17 Rare Photos of Princess Diana Proving Her The Most Gorgeous Lady in The Royal Family

They are all my favourite now!


Who doesn't know about Princess Diana? Along with the unsolved mysteries and secrets relating to her death, the beauty and charisma of Late Princess Diana had mesmerized the entire world and she still is considered one of the most beautiful royal woman of all times. She had been a woman of style, elegance and grace and all of her pictures speak that out loud. 

Along with being a regal persona, she was a loving wife, a caring mother and the best of all, she always knew how to make a public appearance. Diana had the sense of dressing and it always appalled the spectators. Not only in her public appearances but even in her royal enclosures, she maintained the style and dignity befitting for a princess. But we seldom get a peek in the royal family's personal moments. 

Here we present you Princess Diana’s rare photos which will give an insight into her royal life and will dazzle you completely!