17 Pictures which Show that WWE is Different Behind the Scenes

WWE is just a sports entertainment.

Since the growth of the internet and better accessibility to our favorite WWE stars' personal life, fans all around the globe have the urge to find about their favorite wrestling stars and what exactly goes behind the scenes in the WWE locker room. On screen, we see wrestlers fighting for the pride and see them portraying the role of heroes and sometimes villains. But are they same in real life too?

The life of professional wrestlers is not easy. They spend most of their time in traveling and being away from home. Despite all the problems, they try to entertain us with complete enthusiasm. Whenever they step their feet into the ring, they put their body and soul on the line just for the sake of audience's entertainment. 

Here are a few unseen backstage pictures of wrestlers who portray the iconic and complex characters on screen but are simple and humble in real life. So, let's take a look at them.