15 Powerful Illustrations Showing The Other Side Of The World

You may be stunned at some of these...


How many of us view the world with different eyes of perception? In fact, I should ask, how many of us look at the other side of this planet and people who are living in a totally digital era.

When I see a fine man walking on the road with a phone in his hand and eyes continuously staring at it. I feel nothing but pity for him. And you know what? Every second person on the street does that. What are we trying to achieve? Great tension, stress or what? Phone or the technology gadgets that we use to escape the reality of our lives has become our habit. This is something invented to be used in necessity and not to become the addiction of humankind. We've been becoming the slaves of addiction whether it is bad eating habits or technology.

And what happens when an artist tries to convey the hollow reality of our lives through his illustrations? He/she becomes a magician. Like, not literally but they have the power to show us our face in front of everyone.

Let's look at this art and relate to it.