10 Things We All Can Expect President Trump Would Do This Diwali

Trump has something in the box for Indians.


On 19th October 2017, when the entire Indian community will be euphorically lost in the festive mood celebrating 'Diwali' (festival of lights), there will be some cheers inside the White House as well.

While former President Obama had maintained the excellent record of celebrating Diwali each year at the White House with his staffs and US-based Indians, we're sure Trump would not want to miss this chance to win hearts of Indian-Americans. Especially when he hopes to sign a deal with India regarding peace in Afghanistan. 

And if President Trump is celebrating Diwali, I tell you, it's undoubtedly going to be an extraordinary one. So, as there still are some days left for 'Diwali' to arrive, we have a list of things that Trump could do on this auspicious festival to impress Indians.

Now, before your imaginations flight is getting all prepped for a takeoff to visit the clouds of expectations, WittyFeed's monorail is here to tell you probably what could happen on Diwali.

Let's have a look!